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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  January 31, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>> the reaction of this young officer. >> tensions rise. >> and army leaders one on television is to assure demonstrators from not use force as long as the protesters remained peaceful. >> and of course army helicopters hovered above the ground and air force jets hovered overhead. tens of thousands of protesters will not leave as long as hosni mubarak remains in power. and with 8 million, many shops were shuttered on monday. long lines for bread, essentials. there is one assignment of violence over well into the city last week. >> one assigned. >> shooting. >> police stations were abandoned, looted, and inmates got out, and
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started taking all of the weapons with them. >> and 2000 americans have been helping with the state department to get out of the country. just getting to the airport can take hours. for those, the event little choice. >> we recall the last day that you are either going to get out for your going to live here. >> what started as a campaign on the torture, police brutality has been the online grassroots campaign for the protesters in egypt. and into the reporter kimberly sakamoto. >> this is called we are hosni mubarak this was put together by an anonymous facebook user. he has been playing a critical role in putting some of these protesters together. and on january 25th, the first person explained but chose the reason why he chose january 25th. with no more
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phony elections, no more corruptions and this is an event page causing for the world wide with multiple posts about the protests. and it is happening, the time is not to join. protesters are pouring into the main square. we have control of the square now. >> many have been desperate to reach their families and egypt. kate thompson spok to a uc-berkeley student. and after she was finally able to reach her father and her mother, actress sisters. >> and it is just been done
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justice, to say the least. and i wanted to actually get on a plane to go to egypt but then i of understood and realized that it was not smart. at first, their cellphones were not working and i could not get in touch with them. >> and you said that you are crying to your father? why? we had no idea what was going on. and the media was blowing things out of proportion. where they blowing everything out? was this true. now, to be able to hear them and to reassure us that they are fine. that is definitely something that i was glad for. and my neighbors, partlhad to protect themselves from the potential luting. even if you are in an era where events are not taking place.
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if the danger is everywhere, to fend for yourself and protect yourself. >> coming of the kron 4 news at 5:00 p.m. we speak with the associate prof. of the was just in each of days before the demonstration took off. she will talk to what our family who still in egypt protesting against the looting. and another the to the shell impact into the should-- >> and a man on campus with a gun at la escuelita elementary school at 1100 3rd avenue in oakland kron4's jeff bush will show you the scene. >> these children of elementary were taken off campus with armed police by their side. this came right before 1:00 p.m. and the non-emergency line some of the was a man on campus with a gun. police wasted no
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time. securing a parameter is several blocks are round of the school. and a sizable show of force around the school. when the children are off the grounds, a swat team came into the school, room by room. >> rumors could have intended that it is a joke. >> and we're treating it as if it is serious. >> no children harmed, and released to their children parents-- >> and run across the street the admissions parents were told to go to peck of students. who attend la escuelita elementary school at 1100 3rd avenue in oakland and teachers, students, had to evacuate once they got word of a gunman in the area. several talked to kron 4 about this nerve wracking experience. hal >> yes, for meat to it was
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difficult. >> and i have to see him. i wanted to make sure that everything was ok. >> and my son was telling me that there were three, four helicopters and i saw the police in my heart was pounding! i am glad they moved the kids to a different location. >> there were gradually released to their parents. and with proper identification was required before dismissing students. fifth avenue/8 street in oakland. >> qiong han chu and feng ping ou were allegedly killed by a rival merchant. according to san francisco police. he had a long-running dispute with the victims because they sold a similar items. taken into custody and booked on two counts of murder. you can see that he left incense, flowers, and qiong han chu and feng ping ou outside of our store. if these murders of chicken of
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store owners on the wharf. tourists-have--shaken up. >> and it sounds crazy and we have been here from los angeles it is always a great place to come. >> is a safe. and i know that something like this can happen anytime, anyplace. >> i know that these things are happening, you to watch your back but like a nunot going to stop my life for crazies, out there. and that plea please come forward with this if investigation of. if there were two latin shoppers in the shop during the, . homicide for >> jacqueline. >> and the latest satellite picture, we will show you right on the coast. and with
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temperatures warmer. then we saw, yesterday. thames and the upper 50s, low 60s for the most part and cooler along the coast. 54 degrees in san francisco, 55 degrees/to do for degrees in san francisco, half moon bay. is there with us. who right back to this quick break. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure.
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>> welcome back, rob black is back, with a look if the markets. the dow jones was up 68. . rob? >> and with wall street looking for any examples to sell, and with a healthy tide of selling. profits were great. and with nothing with a gold standard but it is no right there.
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despite oil, it is right there so the importance. egypt, the and imperil imports, not much. we put a lot of tourism they're right, and they purchase a lot of our wheat. >> and of the market being affected? >> and with everything being at political risk. earnings risk, and this is political risk. it is more towards other middle eastern countries how they will respond. tunisia, a country is a perfect example that wants to change. and china. how many chinese are employed. still, 75 percent cannot get jobs at mcdonald's. the world is for. this is a wake-up call. to kick out the authorities. >> massive energy got an aof acquisition. >> and
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>> that coal is not dead? >> and with coal is not dead, two different consumers. the east coast during the winter months. we still use clean coal burning technology. and china, they cannot get enough of it. we have a hole like a saudia arabia has oil. and we have plenty of dutch-coal. and it is a bit harmful for the environment we have plenty of--cool. >> speaking of energy, exxon. increase. why. >> global demand, clearly. and more important, the $70 per barrel up to $90 per barrel for oil. they made $9 million. $9 billion. >> shares of exxon mobile.
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if you cannot beat them, join them. and if oil steig's does big spike. and exxon could even do a buyback. >> stay with us, robber is going to be stay with us with google-intel and rob black will be with us staying with us. (music) (music)
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>> these are live pictures of sky for of oakland. this is the la escuelita elementary school at 1100 3rd avenue in oakland sky-4, students are reported had to be evacuated. a man from my with a gun-would lead to an earlier lockdown and then eventually the entire evacuation. those are live pictures escorted by staff, and authorities away from the school to a safe area. and that man, the gunman has not been found as of yet. the children are still
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departing safely. police, and other officials are on the side is the wall near the street for a safer area. we will continue to follow this. >> in the meantime, one hour away from the state of the state from jerry brown. his first since being elected governor and the focus is going to be expected on the some $25.4 billion deficit. the state crisis. >> it is time to restore california to physical solvency and put us on the road economically, recovery. -- fiscal >> and this is expected to be front, said for his new budget. he will lay out is $12.5 billion in spending cuts health, welfare, universities. and $12 billion in tax extensions in the street for a tell it like it is approached he is
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known for. >> what i am going to propose will be painful and sacrifice from every sector of california. >> for the amount of 10 years we've been putting together this budget with gimmicks, tracks and not realistic expectations that are putting the state deeper and deeper into debt. >> and hoping to influence voters that this will work, to meet voting approval for tax tensions tax extensions. >> if those tax extensions to not pass? more cuts for k-10, presents, universities and do not look for the governor to address that had on it. if history is any indication the state of address will not be any more minutes than 10 minutes, 20 minutes. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> the state of the state begins tonight at 5:0 8:00 p.m. and will follow that
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and what you're for that and bring you the highlights by:08 >> and also, string lives at 5:08 (music) >> sunny skies from our roof cam and with fog to the delta and inland. right now, we are clear. temperatures are warmer this afternoon by getting cool. upper 40's, low 50s by this evening. and even lower, with the 30's and the some spots. and tomorrow afternoon, a bit of a warm-up with even 60s. first, this fog will see this fog formed overnight along the coast. it will clear fairly early. a santa rosa, by 10:00 a.m., and along the coast? pitcher clear by 8:00 a.m., and 11:00 a.m. in concord. and it should start to clear by 8:00 a.m. on the coast.
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temperatures are going to be chilly. clear scskies of- overnight. 39 degrees in concord, 36 degrees in napa. 43 in hayward, 42 in fremont, 42 degrees in san jose. tomorrow? 65 degrees in santa rosa, 61 degrees in san francisco and the delta locations will be the upper 60s, low 60s upper 50s-- >> and with 59 degrees in half moon bay. your 7 day around the bay forecast want to more but a cool down filtering into the bay area. what was the seq done but a nice rebotemperatures back to the six downed and is warming trend will continue. stay with us. we will be right back.
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>> new details, but the health overhaul is unconstitutional. and this side with 26 states to block it. the u.s. district judge excepted from to doesn'tutor foa dozen states to violate their rights to force them to buy health insurance. the judge accepted this from two dozen mistakes. . >> also, the new dietary guidelines issued by the government. these guidelines and change every couple of years. >> the relief tube now, what are roughly one half of the population, drastically there really do change--. they're getting release specific. let us take a look of the recommendations. and anybody over 51 african american with high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney
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disease look at the rest! 1/2 teaspoon that is the absolute master of-test there ris--look to the absolute. and this is actually when half of the people in the country believe it or not. this is aimed at the food industry and also to make labeling much more clear. >> you are going to go to a grocery store. with one, two children tugging on your arms. you cannot always have time to read the nutrition facts. we are working on updating and information to make it easier. and even read it on the front of the package. >> and most of the sodium comes from processed foods. not from the shaker. from soup, bread. >> and everything have the public heard anything else
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from these companies? >> campbell's soup, kraft foods have already said that we have already committed to lower sodium but it takes a longer time to process. campbell's soup has far more less sodium soup offering and selling more than only five years ago. >> every little bit helps. we will be right back. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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